Maille Kaleidoscope Designs

I’ve made quite a few bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc with maille, and I had been thinking about making some sort of design with them, just for fun.  I had to get some new photo software, and it came with kaleidoscope photos featuring chain maille.

So, here are some fun photos that I thought I would share with you.  These are really just to get your imagination doing.  I have some photos, though, that have designsI think I will actually try, they came out so neat.  Those I will save for the time being, so I can show “before and after” shots (what the kaleidoscope shows, vs what I cam up with based on the idea).

Meanwhile — enjoy!

Chaine Maille Fun

Fun with Chain Maille

Kaleidoscope Design with Chainemaille

Chain Maille Fun

Kaleidoscope Chain Maille

Chain Maille Kalediscope Fun

Chain Maillle Kaleidoscope Fun

Chain Maille Fun - Kaleidoscope

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