Gallery of Maille

If you’re like me, you love to look at photos of chain maille!  So, here are some photos of my work, past and present.  Not to mention I’ll be adding to it in the future!  So if you’d like some inspiration…I hope you are inspired!

I stumbled across some Argentium silver rings I bought many, many years ago, and decided to make myself a Turkish Roundmaille bracelet!


This bracelet uses inverted roundmaille with a bead capture, as well as segments of regular roundmaille. I like the look!



Bracelet in the Rhinos Snorting Drano pattern.

Bracelet in the Rhinos Snorting Drano pattern.


I found a batch of gold-filled rings that I had bought years ago, when gold was so much less expensive.  This necklace is nice and heavy and looks gorgeous on!

I love making Christmas ornament covers and this year I decided that it’s time that some of them were in chain maille!

This was entirely an accident! I meant to have all my captured rings in a straight line, but I goofed early on and put one pair in the wrong direction. I was just about ready to take them out when I realized that I liked it!

This is made with a modified Euro 4 in 1 weave. Since this weave ends to close up without either a clasp or some other weight, I added a rather large Swarovski pendant bead to the bottom of the earrings, to hold the weave open properly.

I call this weave “Half Helm”. I discovered it when playing around with different ways to create the Helm (Parallel) pattern.

For so many years I avoided colored rings in favor of sterling. With silver prices so high, I’ve started exploring enameled and anodized rings. And now I wonder why I waited so long! This is a bracelet, done in a weave called Helm (and also known as Parallel),

I call this pattern Celtic Kisses because of the xoxoxo pattern. It was originally going to be Celtic Visions, but I didn’t have enough rings of the proper AR, so this is what I came up with! See, sometimes not having the rings you need leads to something even more interesting!

Here’s another sterling silver piece, in the pattern called Byzantine. This is also one of the weaves that most people want to learn!

I sometimes think that the Dragonscale weave is the one people want to learn the most. Some of it has to be the name (the images it provides!) and the other is the look. This bracelet I made in sterling silver — wish I hadn’t sold it!

Chain maille by itself is wonderful, but adding beads mixes things up some. This is a variation of the Byzantine weave (also made for a tutorial) to which I added some Swarovski crystal dangles.

These are two bracelets I made for a tutorial. The bracelet on the left is called a Box weave, while the one on the right is the beautiful Byzantine pattern.

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